1 Mnth Supply of Core Mass Gainer and Testosterone Booster Capsules


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<p>If you have a good exercise regime and a healthy diet then sometimes a few extra supplements are a good way of upping the stakes. This deal is your chance to pick up a one month’s supply of ‘Core Mass Gainer’ and ‘Testosterone Booster Capsules’, which equates to 90 individual capsules, and it is available for £34.00 rather than the original price of £80.26. </p> <p>These capsules are designed to help boost your muscle gain and also your testosterone production alongside your regular diet and workout. The capsules are designed to be taken at three capsules a day and the ‘Core Mass Gainer’ capsules are available in chocolate, banana or strawberries and cream flavour so you can choose which you like best. The ‘Testosterone Boost’ capsules are ready packaged in their own screw cap pot making it easy to grab the three recommended each day and take them alongside your regular supplements, diet and workout routine. </p> <p>To pick up your capsules today simply click ‘Buy Now’. </p>


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