1 Metre USB Charging/Sync Cable


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<p>You’re in the middle of your online shop. You’re just about to checkout when you notice the battery life is critically low. You reach to put it on charge so you don’t lose the contents of your basket, but the cable just isn’t long enough to reach to the sofa. Darn it! Keep your fruity devices charged and synched with ease with this USM charging cable available with either 8 pins or 30 pins and in a choice of lengths up to 3m, now from only £3.99.</p> <p>Durable and tough, the cable features a copper core to help protect from erosion and promote excellent synching. It transfers datas or charges your devices at high speed and won’t overheat. The 1m length cable is just £3.99, get more length with the 2m cable for only £4.99 or supersize up to a 3m length for only £5.99. The cable can also be plugged into a 5V 1A output mains adaptor for your phone or 10V 2A adaptor for your tablet.</p> <p>Stop struggling with short charging cables. Click to ‘Buy Now’ to get a high speed cable that is just the right size for you.</p>


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