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<p>Fly away to the vibrant, non-stop resort of Las Vegas! Explore the wonders of the ever-entertaining Vegas from just £1,031.00. Take a flutter in some of the many Casinos Vegas offers, live the high life, for the low cost.</p> <p>You and a friend will be staying in the 5* luxurious Bellagio Hotel for 7 nights. It oozes European high life, and few Las Vegas hotels can match it. Modelled on the beautiful Italian village of Bellagio on Lake Como and with touches of elegance at every turn, this hotel is nothing less than stylish. It boasts botanical gardens, a Fine Art gallery with many originals, a superb water fountain show (choreographed to music), 6 swimming pools, 4 jacuzzis, a world class spa, fitness centre, restaurants galore serving many diverse cuisines, great boutique shopping, no less than two wedding chapels and one of the most popular live shows in Vegas, Cirque du Soleil's "O".</p> <p>Choose from; <ul class="bulletList"> <li>Northern Airports in December – £1,031.00</li> <li>Northern Airports in October – £1,411.00</li> <li>Northern Airports in November – £1,071.00</li> <li>Northern Airports in January and February 2017- £1,041.00</li> <li>Northern Airports in March 2017 – £1,301.00</li> <li>Gatwick and Heathrow in November – £1,071.00</li> <li>Gatwick and Heathrow in October – £1,371.00</li> <li>Gatwick and Heathrow in March 2017 – £1,311.00</li> <li>Gatwick and Heathrow in April 2017 – £1,411.00</li> </ul></p>


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