1 Hardy Kiwi Berry Plant with Free P&P


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<p>Grow exotic fruits in your garden or greenhouse with this self-fertile Kiwi Berry plant which will happily grow alone. The sweet fruits are smaller than traditional kiwis, so you can eat them whole without peeling, plus you get more of them because they don’t grow as big. Get 1 plant for £13.99 or 2 for only £26.99!</p> <p><strong>Features:</strong> <ul class="bulletList"> <li>Produces heart-shaped foliage</li> <li>Summer blooming climber</li> <li>Fragrant flowers appear from June</li> <li>Berries are ready to harvest in September</li> <li>For best performance plant in full sun</li> <li>At maturity can reach height of 6m </li> <li>Grows to a spread of 4m</li> <li>Can be kept to 2m by 1m with pruning</li> <li>Supplied in a two-litre pot</li> <li>Fully hardy, tolerating temperatures down to -15C</li> <li>Includes planting and aftercare instructions </li> </ul></p> <p>Just click on ‘Buy Now’ to get your voucher code and ordering instructions.</p>


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