1 Digital LCD Body Fat Caliper & Skin Fold Tester


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<p>This Digital Body Fat Caliper determines your body fat with digital accuracy. This inexpensive skinfold caliper shows the results in digital form and are easy to use in the privacy of your home with superior accuracy and reliability. The ‘skin fold’ method measures your body fat percentage by pinching your fat with your fingers then measuring the thickness with a body fat caliper. The reading is given in either inches or millimeters, which you compare to a chart with age and gender to arrive at your body fat percentage.</p> <p>This Digital Body Fat Caliper can accurately determine your body fat by using "skinfold" method. You can measure any body part such as thigh, waist, bicep and chest etc. Just simply pinch the suprailiac skinfold between your left thumb and forefinger to measure body fat thickness. You can refer to the provided body fat chart with age and gender to determine the body fat percentage.</p> <p>This useful caliper is light weight and stylish. It has wide measuring range from 0 ~ 50 mm (0 ~ 2 inches). The body fat thickness can be displayed in mm or inches. It also has "Hold" button to displayed measured value.</p> <p>Features; <ul class="bulletList"> <li>mm & inch conversion</li> <li>With superior accuracy and reliability</li> <li>Made of ABS plastic</li> <li>Stylish and lightweight</li> <li>Large LCD display for easy reading</li> <li>With safety and quality approval RoHS rigorous set standards</li> <li>With CE Marking, passed & comply with all the necessary health and safety required standards set by the European Directives</li> <p>Click ‘Buy Now’ to receive your voucher and your ordering instructions.</p>


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