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<p><strong>Level 2 Wedding Planning Diploma</strong> Fulfill the dreams of loved up couples by becoming a wedding planner who can make their wedding day desires a reality. Being a wedding planner is one of the most rewarding and exciting professions available, without the need for a university degree, and getting started couldn’t be simpler! Complete the curriculum in less than 15 hours with our comprehensive course material, and you will be one step closer towards your wedding planning goals!</p> <p>To read the full course information <a href="https://www.vizualcoaching.com/business/events/wedding-planning">click here</a></p> <p><strong>Wedding Photography Course</strong> Harness your passion for photography and your intrinsic creativity, and put them to good use in the highly rewarding wedding photography industry. Learn more about what makes a good wedding photographer, and pick up some invaluable skills and expertise, by signing up to this comprehensive online course, comprising video tutorials and exclusive content.</p> <p>To read the full course information <a href="https://www.vizualcoaching.com/hobbies-interests/photography/wedding-photography">click here</a></p> <p><strong>Level 2 Event Management Diploma</strong> Embark on a new career or take your existing role in a new direction with this fantastic certificate. Become a qualified events manager and wedding planner in less than 15 hours, dramatically improving your job prospects and earning potential.</p> <p>To read the full course information <a href="https://www.vizualcoaching.com/business/entrepreneur/event-management-diploma">click here</a></p>


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