1 Adams Laburnum Tree with Free P&P


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<p>With flowers in shades of yellow, mauve-pink and sometimes salmon pink, this deciduous tree is a cross between Laburnum and Cytisus Purpureus (Purple Broom). The exotic tones will look stunning in your garden or on your patio during warmer months. Get 1 tree for £20.99, 2 for only £31.99 or 3 for just £41.99!</p> <p><strong>Features:</strong> <ul class="bulletList"> <li>Produces pendulous pea-like blooms </li> <li>Flowers from late spring to early summer</li> <li>Hardy and low maintenance</li> <li>Slow-growing</li> <li>Includes planting and aftercare instructions </li> </ul></p> <p>Just click on ‘Buy Now’ to get your voucher code and ordering instructions.</p>


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